How to Request a Kanopy Video


  • For spring 2019, Stanislaus State access to Kanopy online streaming has shifted from automatic purchase of titles (receiving four or more plays) to mediated purchases requiring a prior faculty request. Instructions on how to request a license can be found here.
  • This mediated model should preserve access to Kanopy content most heavily used to support learning and teaching in the classroom, while providing sustainable access to essential videos.
  • Faculty who use Kanopy videos in their courses should double-check on the status of their individual Kanopy titles to make sure essential videos will be accessible when needed.
  • Any videos essential for course instruction that are not already licensed, or have a license that expires in the middle of term, should be requested as soon as possible.


Actions Needed by Stan State Faculty:

Titles licensed to the University Library,  can be played via the Kanopy link. Check the list of videos for the expiration date of the license

If a video is needed during spring term but the license expires before the end of term, contact the University Library about re-licensing the video title for another year: at


To request a license for a specific Kanopy video:

  1. Visit the Stanislaus State Kanopy service
  1. Search for desired video
  2. Click on the desired entry to display the record for that title.
  3. Click on the picture to play the video.
  4. If the video is not licensed, a request form should appear.

** Enter your name, status (e.g. faculty), email, and the reason the video is needed into the form.

  1. Requests essential to course curriculum (e.g. required by faculty for all students to watch) will be prioritized.
  1. Videos with licenses that expire in the middle of spring term and other questions can be directed to:


About Kanopy

The Kanopy service is a collection of over 60,000 educational online streaming videos, primarily consisting of documentaries and clinical titles, including producers such as PBS, Media Education Foundation, and California Newsreel. Since spring 2017, the Unversity Library has funded a “patron driven acquisition” pilot project to measure demand for and impact of these videos.

The University Library’s pilot project of unmediated and automatic license purchase of licenses to Kanopy videos has become economically unsustainable. After extensive explorations and discussions with various vendors, librarians, faculty, and stakeholders, the Library Collection Development Committee decided to join with other CSU libraries and move to a mediated purchase model for spring term 2019.  The CSU system-wide Electronic Access to Information Resources (CSU EAR) Committee has instructed the Systemwide Digital Library Content office to continue to negotiate with Kanopy and other vendors to provide sustainable access to essential content.