Saving Results from Session to Session

Major Library search services that save citations  (from session to session):


1) Search Library Resources / Combined Search:

This is the main search box found on the Library's home page.

Link to your account: 

Access to saved citations:   "My Saved Records" link


2) EBSCOHost databases

EBSCO provides access to over 20 databases, including many of the best subject-specific article search services:

 Link to search all 20+ EBSCO databases:

Access to your personal account:  Sign In link in right-hand side of top, blue menu bar

Access to saved citations:   Folder link in right-hand side of top, blue menu bar (you need to sign-in to EBSCO to see your previously saved citations)


3) ProQuest databases:

Link to search all 12+ ProQuest databases:

Access to your personal account:  Click the My Research link, the icon that looks like a person in the top, right-hand side of the green menu bar at the top

Access to saved citations:   Folder link, the icon that looks like a folder in the top, right-hand side of the green menu bar at the top 


About these sevices:

There are many different services linked from the Library's website that allow marking and saving records for later retrieval, and most of them should keep this "folder" of marked/saved citations  intact during the the current research session.  However, our main "Search Library Resources / Combined Search" feature will sometimes clear a "My Saved Records" folder if all of the windows in a session are closed and  you haven't "logged-in" to the "Search Library Resources" account service.

Unfortunately, each different supplier of dozens/hundreds of research databases and online collections usually has an option to create yet another free, "personal" account on each service.  We are working to unify some of this functionality into one login, but for the foreseeable future each academic library search/content service will maintain separate, personal "free" accounts that allow you to "save" your citations from session to session.  This page includes instructions on using the three largest options.



Most Common "Save Records" Service:

If you login to your personal "Search Library Resources / Combined Search" service before "Saving Records" or closing the window, all of the items "Saved" in your "Combined Search" session should be listed in your personal "Search Library Resources / Combined Search" account and available later by logging back into your personal account.


Easiest ways to login to your Search Library Resources (Combined Search) account:

A)  At the Library's home page, under "My Library Accounts" in the upper-left corner, choose "Search Library Resources / Combined Search."




B) On a search results page (for the "Search Library Resources / Combined Search"), look in the upper-right corner for "My Saved Records" and a "Log-in" or "Log-out your username" button.  The Log-in/Log-out will toggle your account off and on.


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