New OneSearch Service


Coming June 28:  OneSearch for all library materials

Search Library Resources, Library Catalog migrating to OneSearch

  • Single search for books, articles, dissertations, and more
  • Replaces Library Catalog, Search Library Resources, and Link+
  • Intuitive, mobile-friendly interface
  • Joint effort of all 23 CSU campus libraries
  • New CSU+ service to request books from all CSU libraries
  • Search available starting June 28, 2017
  • CSU+ request service available in July 2017

About this Service:

This summer, all 23 of the California State University (CSU) library collections will be integrated into a new Library Discovery System called OneSearch. On June 28, OneSearch will replace the current library catalog and the Search Library Resources box on the library website.

OneSearch features an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface that makes it easy to find, cite, save, and share books, ebooks, ejournals, articles, and streaming video, all from a single starting point.

OneSearch includes CSU+, a new book sharing system for entire the CSU. Through CSU+, students and faculty will have direct access to over 29 million books held by the CSU Libraries; they will be able to request a book from any other campus to be delivered to their home campus within 2-3 days.  At CSU Stanislaus, CSU+ will replace Link+ as the integrated, "just a click away" service to request and retrieve books from other libraries within 2-3 days. 

University library faculty and staff will be available throughout the summer to assist faculty and students with experiencing OneSearch. We are excited by this 21st century research tool and look forward to working with you. 



Coming in Summer:


Features Include:

Search for Books, Articles, Newspapers, Dissertations, and More

Search for books, articles, newspapers, dissertations, government documents, streaming audio and video, and more using one search tool.
Use the CSU+ system (Books & Media at All CSU) to search for and request delivery of books and media and held by all 23 CSU campuses, or limit your search to items available in the CSU Stanislaus Library.