LexisNexis to Westlaw Migration

Westlaw Campus Edition has replaced LexisNexis 


After extensive review, the California State University system has chosen to change its core legal research service from LexisNexis to Westlaw.  For the 2016-2017 academic year, Westlaw is available to all CSU Stanislaus students, faculty and staff via the Stanislaus State University Library.  

Instructors who require students to conduct legal research are encouraged to re-examine any assignments that rely on LexisNexis, as Westlaw is likely to have the same or similar content but may provide access using a slightly different set of parameters or pathways.  Most news and business information formerly available from Lexis are found in a variety of CSU library sources. Faculty are encouraged to contact their Liaison Librarian or John Brandt (Electronic Resources Librarian) if they have any questions regarding this transition.


Westlaw Introduction and Training

Self-paced Westlaw training is available at: http://training.westlaw.com

Modular courses with short lessons (5–15 minutes) let users learn exactly what they want at their own pace, whenever it's convenient.

Avilable online at: http://legalsolutions.thomsonreuters.com/law-products/product-support/user-guides.

  • Other options

The following options may be available using the Westlaw interface or by contacting the University Library for access to specific, individualized training services from Westlaw, including:

  • Telephone training  (sessions with attorneys who provide initial and advanced training on the use of Westlaw, including personalized one-on-one training sessions based on practice area or level of expertise)
  • Research assistance (West Reference Attorneys assist with legal research, database selection, and Westlaw query formulation)
  • Live Chat - linked from Westlaw interface
  • Technical Support



Analysis from the CSU Electronic Access to Information Resources Committee (EAR) of legal research services for students indicated that Westlaw was equal or superior to LexisNexis Academic as a tool for student legal research.   Separately, the Systemwide Digital Library Content program indicated that the budget that paid for CSU accesso LexisNexis Academic, the Electronic Core Collection, needed to be cut due to flat budgets in a time of continuous price increases.  Based on the report of superior quality of Westlaw combined with a significantly lower cost, the CSU Council of Library Directors approved the recommendation to migrate the centrally funded CSU legal research service from LexisNexis to Westlaw.  

In addition to legal research tools, LexisNexis Academic also includes a wealth of news and business information sources.  Feedback from all CSU campuses indicated that Westlaw's content was an excellent replacement for LexisNexis in terms of legal research.  Other CSU sources such as ProQuest News Databases, ProQuest ABI/INFORM Business Databases, Mergent Online company and industry tools, and EBSCOHost Business Source Premier provide adequate coverage of news and business sources.  Close analysis indicated a handful of classes in the CSU system at four or five large CSU campuses used very specific features that are only available in LexisNexis, including an advanced course on specific areas of contract law, analyzing business supply chains for specific zip codes, and  ongoing text analyses projects.   Individual campuses that absolutely must continue to access these small, unique features of LexisNexis have the opportunity to subscribe to LexisNexis at local expense.



Replacements for News and Business Information Formerly Available via LexisNexis

Westlaw Campus Research replicates some of the news and business information formerly available via LexisNexis.  The CSU system's other news and business information resources should provide additional coverage of news and business sources.

For questions, please contact John Brandt (jbrandt@csustan.edu, 209-664-6563), Electronic Resources Librarian