Database Description and Information

Description: Online access to older issues of hundreds of academic journals.

What's Covered: Cover-to-cover reproductions of journals (in addition to artcles, also includes ephemeral/general information like letters, advertisements, etc.).

Subjects Covered: All disciplines

Access to the full-text: All articles immediately available on the JSTOR site.

Dates Covered: Varies, but limited to older content and does not include current issues (volume 1, issue 1 to five years ago for most journals)

Help: Help from JSTOR (collection producer) | Tutorials

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More Details

Journal/Periodical Titles Covered: 1100+ (list of journal titles)
Number of Records: 3,000,000+
Collections included in University Library Subscription: Arts & Sciences I through VI, Arts & Sciences Compliment, Biological Sciences, Health and General Sciences (list of collections)
Availability: Available freely on-campus, off-campus restricted to current CSU Stanislaus faculty, students and staff
Platform: JSTOR
CSU Stanislaus URL: http://library.csustan.edu/s/purl.php?8


Search Operators

Default search: Boolean AND
Truncation symbol: * (asterisk)
Phrase searching: "phrase" (enclose phrase in quotation marks)
Boolean And: and (implied)
Boolean OR: or
Boolean NOT: not