When materials are not returned on time, they become overdue.  You will be sent a notice two days after the due date.   If the material is still not returned, a second notice is sent two weeks after the due date, and a bill is generated forty-five days after the due date.  After fifty days the account is referred to the University for collection.  Accounts sent for collection result in a hold on grades, registration and the release of transcripts.  

If materials are lost or damaged, you will be billed the current replacement cost plus a $25.00 processing fee for each item.  Replacement items will not be accepted in lieu of payment.

Please notify the Library Circulation Department if your address or phone number changes.  This will help us reach you promptly when we need to contact you.  

If you feel you have received an overdue notice in error or have any questions about your library account, please call the Library Circulation Department at (209) 667-3234.  

To avoid the hassle of fines and billing, remember to return borrowed items promptly.  You can also check to see if items can be renewed, but remember: online renewals can only be done prior to the due date.

If you wish to file an appeal for your library fines, fill out the Application for Fine Appeal form. You may submit this form in person at the Library Circulation desk or by email to .