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What is it:  News stories from NBC News
What's provided:   Video clips (usually 2 to 5 minutes) viewable online
Subjects Covered:  All disciplines (individual titles aligned to 30 academic disciplines, from Agriculture to Women's Studies)
Dates Covered: 1920's - present

Blackboard integration:

For information on how to integrate videos into a Blackboard course, see: NBC Learn on Blackboard

Note:  To easily incoporate content into Blackboard, instructors need to create playlists using the Blackboard NBC Learn Tool (and not the Library's general NBC Learn interface).


More Details

Number of videos: 16,000+ NBC News videos
Availability: Available freely via on-campus, off-campus restricted to current CSU Stanislaus faculty, students and staff
Platform: NBC Learn
Search Operators
Default search: Boolean AND
Phrase searching: "phrase" (enclose phrase in quotation marks)
Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT): Available on the Advanced Search Screen


Other Ways to Retrieve NBC Learn Videos:

Individual videos from NBC Learn will appear in the search results of several library research tools, including Search Library Resources and the Library Catalog.  To specifically limit your search to NBC Learn videos in these resources:

Search Library Resources

Search for keywords related to your topic.  On the search results screen:

On the  the Books & Media tab, limit the Format to "Archive."

On the Articles tab, limit the Format (more options) to "Streaming Video."

Library Catalog 

Basic search -  type your topic and NBC (e.g., Martin Luther King NBC)

Advanced search -  under Material Type choose "Streaming Video" and search for your topic