Market Share Reporter

Database Description and Information

What is it?  Brief statistics on market share within a specific industry (grouped by 4-digit SIC Code)  e.g. - percentage of sales for each major company offering a type of product or service

Subjects Covered: Business, Marketing, Operations Management

Types of Records: Brief statistical charts (reprinted from trade journals & magazines)

Dates Covered: Most recent edition (statistics from mid to late 2000's)

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More Details

Industries covered: 2000+ (arranged by SIC code)
Companies covered: 4000+
Number of Records: 3000+
Availability: Available freely on-campus (off-campus requires CSU Stanislaus login)
Platform: Gale Directory Library
CSU Stanislaus URL:


Search Operators

Default search: Boolean AND
Truncation symbol: * (asterisk)
Phrase searching: "phrase" (enclose phrase in quotation marks)
Boolean And: and (implied)
Boolean OR: or
Boolean NOT: not