Renewing Link+ Books

Note: not all LINK+ items are eligible for renewal.

Renewals may be requested no sooner than 3 days before, or 2 days after the LINK+ item due date.

Most books are checked out for 21 days with the possibility of a single 21-day renewal.

To request a renewal:

  1. Login to your My Library Catalog account
  2. Go to screen that shows items currently checked out to the account
  3. If there are many titles checked out, use the Sort by Due Date button to move titles due soon to the top.
  4. Select the "Renew All" button to renew all items, or choose the item(s) you wish to renew by checking the box to the left of the desired item(s), then click the "Renew Selected" button
  5. Review the transaction information displayed, then select "Yes" to initiate the renewal.
  6. On the final list of all titles checked out, be sure to check each LINK+ title to verify the status, possibly including:
    • A New Due Date: the renewal is approved
    • Too Soon to Renew:  Renewals cannot be requested until 3 days before the book is due.
    • Renewal Pending: request is still being processed. Please check back later.
    • Renewal Denied: the renewal is NOT approved. You must return the item(s) by the original due date.

To Search Link+:

In the Library Catalog, click the "Repeat Search in Link+" icon from a search result screen.


Go to the Link+ search page.