Renovation Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about the upcoming library renovation. If you have any additional questions or comments, please send in your feedback here.

  • Why is it necessary to renovate the Library building?
    Assessment of the existing facility encompassed a review of original drawings, drawings sets of the 1987 addition, maintenance records, and a feasibility study conducted in 2013. This study was prepared by Suarez-Kuehne Architecture, Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc. (structural), and Guttmann & Blaevoet Engineers (mechanical, electrical and plumbing). The report outlined the existing deficiencies including issues related to lateral (seismic) resistance, overall energy efficiency, ADA accessibility (restrooms, stairs, elevators), and plumbing fixture counts. The report also recommended mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades; the installation of sprinklers; and, addressing deferred maintenance items such as roof and floor covering replacements. The current library building cannot meets current and new service needs. One deficiency of the current library is the lack of seating.  Currently there are 620 seats. The renovated library should seat approximately 1,000+. Overall, the library building has done all it can, since the mid 1960’s, as a structure to house a growing number of needed services.
  • Will the Library be closed at any time during the project?
    The Library will be closed for the duration of the project. Library staff and faculty will be working in a temporary work space.
  • Where will the temporary spaces be located and what services will be available?
    The temporary modular buildings will be located on flat area between Bizzini and DBH. All of the services moved out from the library building will offer services from the temporary modular buildings. The short answer is that services currently offered will not cease even when moving to the temporary buildings. It should be noted that some services will be less robust due to space limitations. One example is the number of computers available to sit down and use. It is not possible to duplicate the same number of computers currently available in the library building.
  • Where will students study during the renovation?
    Students will be guided to areas on campus where studying can be conducted. It may be rooms in MSR or other buildings on campus. There will not be giant tents.
  • Will the collection be accessible during closure?
    At this time, we anticipate being able to have 8% of the circulating collection available to students and faculty. We have an extensive electronic resources collection that will also be accessible through the library’s website. We also have access to the collections available from the other CSUs through CSU+. For more information on CSU+, click here.
  • How will accessibility be improved in the new Library building?
    The new renovated library, it will be ADA compliant. All of the restrooms will be fully accessible. The library building will be much more navigable by those who enter. When one enters the main doors of the library, one will see in front a large desk area where research assistance and information services will be offered. It will be very clear that one is entering the library.
  • Will there be a café in the new library?
    Yes. There will be a café located in the south  corner of the library building.
  • What added features are in the new Library building?
    Among the features in the new library building: large event room, café, electronic compact book storage units, spaces where students, faculty, staff, resources and tools come together, many more seats; 1000+, more group study rooms,  two rooms for library instruction, new Special Collection and University Archives, ample collaboration space, quiet space and silent space, an Office of Information Technology Help Desk,  two large computer zones on two separate floors and a dedicated space for 24/7 studying. The library will also be the home for a larger Tutoring and Writing Center, Academic Success Center, Diversity Center and Disability Resource Services.
  • When will the building be completed?
    The library building renovation will begin in June of 2019 and completion is scheduled for June of 2021.