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Construction Update June 13, 2019:

The construction work on the Library Annex (north of Library, east of DBH) and the Student Services Annex (east of the Student Services Building) will be complete within the week. Occupants will be moving into these facilities next week. The current look ahead schedule reflects:

  • June 12, 2019 – Final day books were moved off campus.

  • June 14, 2019 – Wells Fargo ATM will be moved from the Library lobby to the MSR lobby.

  • June 17 – 21, 2019 – Occupants, classrooms, labs and 8% of the book collection will be moved from the Library into the Library and Student Services Annex sites. Offices and departments that are open during the summer may have some short disruptions, but will be open soon after their move dates. Classrooms and labs will be open Fall 2019.

  • June 17 – July 8, 2019 – Fencing will be placed around existing Library building.

  • June 24 – July 5, 2019 – Remaining equipment and fixtures that will be retained by the University will be removed from the existing Library building.

Please use care when driving or walking near the sites, due to large equipment and trucks working in the area. We will continue to send regular e-mails to keep the campus updated of the project. In the meantime if you have concerns, please contact us at or extension 3623.

We appreciate all of your patience as this exciting transformation project of our campus facilities is completed.


Capital Planning and Facilities Management

Renovation Update June 11, 2019:

The University Library will move from the library building to Library Annex on June 17 or 18, 2019. The library website will be updated soon with new locations. Basic library service continues to be offered in the lobby at the top of stairs leading to the 2nd floor.

lobby at the top of stairs leading to the 2nd floor

Academic Senate:

Renovation Schedule:

  • Spring Semester 2019 - Surge space (temporary facilities) will be placed

  • May 2019 - Design of renovated Library will be complete

  • Summer 2019 - Current building occupants will be moved into surge space

  • July 2019 - Renovation construction of existing Library will begin

  • Summer 2021 - Construction will be complete and occupants moved into renovated Library

In the news:

  • May 1st, 2019 - Dean Rodriguez was interviewed by ABC 10 about preparing to close the library for two full years for renovations after the semester is over in May.
  • October 24, 2018 - Dean Rodriguez was interviewed by ABC 10 about the upcoming library renovation. See the video below!

Click here to see her article!