Library Renovation 2019

Disclosure: The “fly through” video above is a production designed to give the viewer a sense of what the new renovated library will look like.   The physical layout is set however finishes, signage, equipment, furniture and finishes are among the items yet to be finalized.  The depiction of the library and all seen is subject to change.

Library History

The library building, named after founding President Dr. J. Burton Vasché, was one of two original buildings on the CSU Stanislaus campus when it opened in 1965. Today, the library building encompasses the original 2-story building from 1963, and the 1987 3-story addition. When the building, and the new campus, opened in 1965, the student population was 756 students; this population included students that were originally enrolled when the University opened in 1960 at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds. Due to the small size of the student body, the building was designed as a multi-purpose facility that housed university administration, admissions, registrar, cafeteria, and faculty offices on the first floor and the library on the second floor. As the campus grew, many of the original functions were removed and new student services and departments moved into the facility maintaining the multi-purpose nature of the building. The library addition, completed in 1989, doubled the size of the original building.

The building currently houses the University Library, including library services such as circulation, technical services, interlibrary loan, and library reference and instruction; the OIT Helpdesk; Computer Labs; Tutoring Center; Writing Center; Counseling Services; Geographical Systems Lab; Disability Resource Services; Modern Language Lab; and, Diversity Center.

Why a Renovation?

Assessment of the existing facility encompassed a review of original drawings, drawings sets of the 1987 addition, maintenance records, and a feasibility study conducted in 2013. This study was prepared by Suarez-Kuehne Architecture, Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc. (structural), and Guttmann & Blaevoet Engineers (mechanical, electrical and plumbing). The report outlined the existing deficiencies including issues related to lateral (seismic) resistance, overall energy efficiency, ADA accessibility (restrooms, stairs, elevators), and plumbing fixture counts. The report also recommended mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades; the installation of sprinklers; and, addressing deferred maintenance items such as roof and floor covering replacements.

Currently, the University Library is limited in the amount of seating (620 for our student poulation of just over 9,700 head count) and group study rooms (only 8 available). Our students, faculty, and staff need more space to spread out to accomplish their educational and career goals. 

The library building is not optimally functional for the advancement in technology that we have seen over the last 60 years and the space lacks essentials such as electrical outlets, infrastructure to provide WiFi throughout the building, and sound-proofing. 

The renovation will provide more open space for students, staff, and faculty to utilize for academic pursuits; an up-to-date technology infrastructure; and, it will bring the building up to code.