Library Annex Map, Hours, & Video Tour

Library services have relocated to the Library Annex (LX) (between Bizzini and Demergasso-Bava Hall) and are now open to the campus community! Scroll down to view the Library Annex map, hours, and video tour.

Library Annex Map

Library Annex Map. Library services located between Bizzini Hall and Demergasso-Bava Hall

Spring Semester Library Hours

LX25: Library Circulation and Research Help Desk
o    Browse the print collection; check out books
o    Get help from the reference librarians for research assignments.
o    Pick up books ordered through CSU+ or ILL
o    Check out laptops and course reserves
o    Get your Warrior ID

•    7:45 am - midnight M-Th;   7:45am-5pm F;   9-5 Sat;   11-7 Sun.

LX26: Library Reading Room/Student Study
o    Use one of the 10 desktop computers
o    Print (10 cents B&W, 25 cents color)
o    Use the study space
o    Talk at a low-volume (semi-quiet); no food, covered drink only
•    7:45 am - 3 am M-Th; 7:45 am - 10 pm Fri ; 9-10pm Sat; 11 am - 10pm Sun.

LX8: Student Study Area
o    Study space
o    Quiet study space; no food, covered drink only
•    Opens 1 hours after LX25 every day; closes 1 hour before LX25

LX9: Student Study Area
o    Study space
o    Eat and talk; this is the food-friendly study area
o    Use the microwave or vending machines
o    Use the movable white boards
•    7:45 am - 3 am M-Th; 7:45 am - 10 pm Fri; 9-10pm Sat; 11 am - 10pm Sun.

LX10: Open Computer Lab
•    What can you do there? This is a computer lab that will have an OIT staff member
o    Use one of the 61 desktop computers
o    Print
•    These hours are nearly identical to LX25

Check the Library Calendar page for extended and special hours and holidays, or call the Circulation Desk at (209) 667-3234.

Library Services at the Library Annex - Video Tour