Kurzweil 3000 Introduction

Kurzweil is a text reading application that first scans documents, then reads them to you.  You can also use Kurzweil to compose and edit documents.  Use these instructions to open Kurzweil:

  • Log into the computer.
  • Click on the icon on the desktop. 
  • ALT + F4 to close Kurzweil when you are finished (then log out of the computer).


Menus:  The ALT key places the cursor on the first Windows menu.  If you have a document open, additional menus appear.  

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate through the menus, and ENTER to select an item. 
  • In a dialog box, use the TAB key to move around, the arrows keys to open a list box, and ENTER to save changes.
  • Pressing F1 in a dialog box gives help on its options. 


Help:  To access the Menus help, press ALT + H.  Close the Guide with the alt-F4 keys. 

  • To get help within a document, press the F1 key.



Getting Started:

Instructions for scanning a document for Kurzweil to read:

  • Place the original on the scanner bed.  It doesn’t matter how it is oriented.
  • Press F9 to scan.
  • Close the scanned document (F4) and say "no" to saving, or
  • Save the document before closing by keying CTRL + S, then naming it.  ENTER. 
  • Add pages to the end of an open document by simply scanning more pages.  Navigate between pages of a document with the Pageup/PageDown keys.
  • Ctrl F4 to close.


Instructions for opening a file and reading it:

  • CTRL + O opens the dialog box listing folders and files.  The General folder opens automatically.  Tab to the files window and browse to the desired file with the up/down arrow keys.  Press enter to open the selected file.
  • F3 to toggle reading on and off. 
  • Various commands help you move around in the document, slow or speed up the reading, or create bookmarks.  Study the Help menu to learn about these keystrokes.


Instructions for word processing a document:

  • ALT + F, N, (then choose Draft, New) to open a new blank document.
  • Key in your text as with any word processor. 
  • Move around with the arrow keys, HOME/END key, and PAGE UP/Page DOWN keys.
  • Edit with the backspace and delete keys, or highlight larger blocks of text with various key combinations. 
  • Use the Edit menu to explore various editing functions, such as find/change.

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