Kanopy Online Streaming Video

Access:  http://library.csustan.edu/s/purl.php?2192


Provides online, streaming access to over 15,000 videos, including selected PBS, BBC, and Ken Burns documentaries as well as a range of independent films.  

Link to to a specific video: Under the Share button, copy the Share Link text to paste the URL (link) in Blackboard, an email message, etc.

Access Model:  "PDA" (patron driven acquisition)

  • CSU Stanislaus faculty and students have access to over 15,000 videos from Kanopy
  • The library purchases only those videos that cross a usage trigger of 4 separate plays of at least 30 consecutive seconds in 4 separate sessions. *
    • A purchase trigger will normally provide a one-year unlimited institutional license to the video for $150
    • Librarians can review and evaluate each triggered title for a possible upgrade to a 3-year, 5-year, 10-year or permanent ownership license (if available)
  • Based on general streaming video PDA experiences at other academic libraries, we expect 1 video triggered for every 20 to 25 videos viewed.


A purchase of a one-year unlimited license is triggered after 4 separate sessions of 30 consecutive seconds viewed.  A single “session” usually includes access from the same workstation within the same day (so an instructor could watch part of the video in the morning and then more in the afternoon and it would count as a single session as long as it was on the same computer/device). 


About the pilot project:

This is a “patron driven acquisition” project where CSU Stanislaus faculty and students have access to a large collection of videos (15,188 titles), but the library only pays for those that meet a certain level of use (4 separate sessions that view at least 30 consecutive seconds of a video).  Other CSU libraries have used this model with the Kanopy service and have found it to be a very cost-effective way to offer instructors (and students) access to a nice collection of selected documentaries and films.  It is likely only the most useful titles (e.g. assigned by an instructor to view for class) will trigger a purchase by the library.  Usage data also indicate that those titles that receive enough usage to trigger a purchase are much more likely to be viewed again (an indicator of their potential quality and relevance to faculty and student research needs).


Titles Available via:


  • All URLs (links) should start with http://csustan.kanopystreaming.com

  • URLs (links) should be stable (can be copied/pasted/shared in Blackboard, email, etc.) 

  • Links should work from off-campus (users will be prompted to login using campus username and password when using the campus network)

  • All links should start with http://csustan.kanopystreaming.com/video/

  • A link to a specifific video title can found under the Share button for that video and has the basic format: http://csustan.kanopystreaming.com/video/ (for example http://csustan.kanopystreaming.com/video/precious-knowledge). 

    • On a record (playback screen) for an individual video, the Share button is found underneath the video title and author/publisher.  Click on Share to distribute the link via social media or to copy the Share link text (which can be pasted as a link in Blackboard, in an email message, etc.).


  • Individual faculty and students can register for a personal Kanopy login

  • Individuals who register can create playlists

  • Playlists can be shared

Pilot Project

  • Spring 2017: library allocates funds for Kanopy and activates local access
  • Each month:  library reviews triggered purchases versus number of videos played and remaining budget balance
  • Each quarter, library receives a list of triggered purchases, and reviews them for possible upgrade
  • End of Spring 2017 and Fall 2017: review cost per use and faculty/student satisfaction with quality to evaluate further participation

Definition of Sessions

  • Viewing more than 30 consecutive seconds of a video will count as one "play" toward the "4 plays in separate sesssion" trigger for a purchase. 
  • Viewing a video using one device and browser over the course of a 24-hour period will only count as one session.  

E.g. - If a user views 30 consecustive seconds and the leaves, and then later they return to the same device and browser within 24 hours and view more of the video, it is counted as part of the same session, not a new session). 

  • Viewing a video more than 24 hours after the first "30 consecutive seconds" play and/or on a different browser or device will count as a second session.