American Chemical Society Core+

Description & Help

Description: Access to full-text of  selected ACS journals

Unlimited access to full-text of current articles from 15 core ACS journals (including 1996 - present)

Limited access (150 articles per year) to full-text of current articles from 30 other ACS journals (some access to content from 1996 to the present)

Unlimited access to full-text of older articles (published prior to 1995) from all ACS journals

What's Covered: Index of articles from 45 ACS journals  

Subjects Covered: Chemistry and related disciplines

Access to the full-text:  Immediate access to the all full-text articles from 15 core titles and older  (pre-1996) articles from all ACS journals  (If PDF links do not lead to full-text, use the Find It! link instead.)

Dates Covered: Volume 1 - present for most titles

Access: Library Website --> Databases A-Z -->  American Chemical Society Core+

About the Find It! button on ACS Publications


Note:  Unlike other library services (like EBSCOHost), ACS Publications include a "Find it!" link on every article page, whether the PDF link on that page leads to the full-text or not.  The Library's Core+ subscription only covers some of the journal content on the ACS site.  If you are on the ACS site and find an article the library does not own, the PDF/HTML Full text links will not provide access to the article.  In that case, the "Find It!" link on the ACS site should lead to an Interlibrary Loan request or other service where we can get you the article (at no cost to you).

More Details

Journal/Periodical Titles Covered: index to 45 ACS journals, Chemistry and Engineering News, and selected chapters in ACS books
Number of Records: 1 million (mostly articles, but also selected newsletter articles and book chapters)
Availability: Available freely on-campus, off-campus restricted to current CSU Stanislaus faculty, students and staff
Platform: Scitation
CSU Stanislaus URL:


Core+ Titles (unlimited access to full-text of current titles):

Accounts of chemical research
Analytical chemistry
Chemical reviews
Environmental science & technology
Inorganic chemistry
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
Journal of chemical & engineering data
Journal of Chemical Education
Journal of medicinal chemistry
Journal of organic chemistry
Journal of physical chemistry (A, B & C)
Journal of proteome research
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Organic letters



Non Core+ Titles

The library's ACS Core+ subscriptino provides access to 150 articles published from 1996-present from the 30 journals that are not among the 15 titles on the Core+ list.