JAWS Introduction


JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is a screen reading application.  JAWS reads text on Windows programs and the Internet.  Instead of navigating with the mouse, JAWS uses keystroke combinations to move within and between programs. 


To start JAWS, click on the icon on the desktop (Magic can magnify icons for you). 

You have several options to gain proficiency in JAWS.



1.    An extensive online HELP menu includes several topics, such as "New Users Start Here" to get you started.  Access the HELP menu through the settings menu (ctrl + J, down arrow, Enter). 

  • Use the arrow keys between help topics
  • Open a topic with the F6 key. 
  • Use Insert + Down Arrow to read the text, and TAB key to navigate among the Back and Forward links within a topic. 
  • Use F6 again to return to the previous level in Help topics, and the F4 key to close help.

2.    Follow these Quick Start instructions below to get started and begin working on an application using JAWS.

  • In order to navigate through the various icons on the desktop, press the windows key + M to get focus on the desktop, and then use the arrow keys to navigate to an application icon.  Select it with the ENTER key.
    • Make sure the number lock is toggled off, because JAWS uses several number pad keys.

3.   Browser commands.  .

Maximize the browser window (or JAWS will not read properly)

Alt + spacebar, then X


Enter data into a form field (does not work in Chrome)

F to focus on the field, then Enter to place cursor in field

Find text on the current page (For word document, it highlights the text.  For websites, it simply begins reading the text without highlighting it.

ctrl + f

Jump to the beginning of the page

ctrl + Home (HM key)

Jump to visited links


Jump to headings


Turn off JAWS

alt + F4

Turn on JAWS

ctrl + J

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