How to Find Tests & Measurements in Psychology and Allied Fields

Types & Availability of Tests - "Published" vs. "Unpublished"

The American Psychological Association divides research instruments (questionnaires, scales, surveys, tests, etc.) into two broad categories - "published" (commercial) and "un-published" tests. 

"Published" tests are generally only available from a commercial publisher for a fee. Indexes like Mental Measurements Yearbook, Tests in Print and the ETS Test Link identify publishers of individual instruments.

"Unpublished" or "Non-Commercial" tests are sometimes reproduced in books or academic journal articles. The library has a number of full-text sources for non-commercial tests.

For more information, see the APA's guide to Finding Information About Psychological Tests.

Identifying Tests 

Tests in Print

Current index to published (commercial) psychological test and assessment instruments. (Also includes reviews from Mental Measurements Yearbook).

Journal Literature

When reporting results of a study, scholarly journal articles will usually identify the specific test instruments, scales, measures, etc., utilized in the research. Search for the name of the instrument in an article database (as the name is usually listed in the abstract).

PsycINFO database

In addition to the abstract, PsycINFO entries for most recent studies include the name of any instrument in the "Tests and Measures" field. (If available, the Tests and Measures is displayed below the abstract on a detailed record screen).

ETS Test Link

Index to 25,000 educational tests, including descriptions of those available in the Library's Tests in Microfiche collection. Also provides publication information for selected published tests and citations to articles and other sources for selected unpublished tests.

Print Reference Books and Bibliographies

The University Library's print collection contains dozens of works that identify useful tests and measurements in specific ares, including gender roles, family issues, children, etc. See the Library's "how to find tests" handout for some examples. 

More Strategies for Identifying Tests

In addition to the sources listed on above and on the print resources guide, try these search strategies to find more on your topic:

  • Identify a call number for a useful work from the print resources guide, and browse the shelves in reference and in the general collection for nearby call numbers.
  • Find the record (in the Library Catalog) for a source and click on the subject headings for similar resources.
  • Conduct an advanced search in the Library Catalog for key terms from your topic (on one line) and test or scale or measurement on the next (e.g. "adolescents or youth" and "test or scale or measurement").
  • Search for Psychological Tests as a subject in the Library Catalog.

Test Reviews

Mental Measurements Yearbook + Tests in Print

Reviews of published psychological tests, including scores, comments, summary, pricing, and publisher information (1938 - present). more information

Test Review Locator (Buros)

Free web site indexing tests reviewed by Buros, publisher of Mental Measurements Yearbook. Note: Does not include free access to the reviews themselves. Library subscription to Mental Measurements Yearbook provides access to reviews.

Commissioned Reviews of 250 Psychological Tests.

Ref / BF 176 .C65 2000

Test Critiques. 10 v.

Ref / BF 176 .T419 1984

Sources for Full-text Test Instruments

Published (commercial) tests are generally only available for a fee from the publisher. Unpublished tests are sometimes reprinted in the research literature or in a "tests & measures" reference book.

Note: The copyright for "non-commercial" instruments is generally held by the creator of the test. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), researchers must contact the author for permission to use a copyrighted test.


Tips on identifying instruments included in a research article:

PsycINFO database

A small but increasing number of records in PsycINFO identify articles that include the full-text of a research instrument. Search for appended in "TM Tests & Measures" field.

"TM Tests & Measures" is a choice on the pull-down menu under "Section a Field (optional).


Selected print resources reprinting instruments: 

Assessing Alcohol Problems:  A Guide for Clinicians and Researchers

US Docs / HE 20.8308/2:4/2003

Communication Research Measures: A Sourcebook.

P 91.3 .C62 2009

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment.

BF176 .C654 2004

Experience of Work: A Compendium and Review of 249 Measures and their Use.

HF 5549.5 .A83 E9 1981

Handbook of Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy Research and Evaluation Instruments.

Ref / HQ 759.4 .H367 1993

Handbook of Marketing Scales: Multi-Item Measures for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research.

Ref / HF 5415.3 .B323 1999

Handbook of Measurements for Marriage and Family Therapy.

RC 488.5 .F73 1987

Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement. 6th ed.

H 62 .M44 2002

Handbook of Scales for Research in Crime and Delinquency.

HV 9274 .B76 1983

Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures

Refernce HQ60 .H36 1998

Handbook of Tests and Measurements for Black Populations. 2 v.

Ref / BF 176 .H37 1996

Measures for Clinical Practice and Research.  2 v.

Ref / BF 176 .C66 2007

Measures of Occupational Attitudes and Occupational Characteristics.

JA 74.5 .R6 App. A

Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes.

Ref / BF 698.4 .M38 1990

Measures of Political Attitudes.

Ref / JA 74.5 .M43 1999

Measures of Social Psychological Attitudes.

JA74.5 .R6 Appx. B

Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales Questionnaires.

RA 408.5 .M38 1996

Outcome Measures and Attention Deficit Disorders/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

RJ506 .H9 .G659x 2000

Outcome Measures for Child Welfare Services: Child Well-Being Scales.

HV 741 .M336x 1987

Research Instruments in Social Gerontology. 3 v. 1984.

HQ 1061 .R44

Tests in Microfiche. 1975 to 1998.

Collection of "unpublished" tests available on microfiche in the Library's Reference Room.  Print index shelved above microfiche cabinet: Ref LB 3051 .T445x

Some tests available in this collection are listed in the ETS Test Link:

Choose advanced search.

Search "Availability" for microfiche.

Conduct another search (e.g. title search) for your topic.


Finding Test Results in Published Research

If you know the name of a specific test (e.g. Stanford-Binet or "Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test"), search for the name of the test in an appropriate research database to find studies that used that measure.

PsycINFO (psychology)

Search keywords from the name of the instrument.


For recent studies, the names of any specific instruments used in the research are usually found in the "Tests and Measures" section of a record (on a detailed record below the abstract). To search this field, change the "Select a field (optional)" pull-down menu to choose "TM Tests and Measures".

Academic Search Elite (selective coverage of all disciplines)

Include terms such as test, instrument, measure*, or scale to help identify studies which mention which test was used.

PsycINFO and ERIC - Tips for Test Research 

PsycINFO (psychology) and ERIC (education) can be extremely useful in identifying specific measures, locating studies that have used a specific measure, and sometimes even providing access to the full-text of the instrument itself.

PsycINFO (psychology)

To limit a search to research studies:
Under Methodology (lower right corner of an Advanced Search screen), choose "Empirical Study."


Finding research based on a specific instrument:
Search for keywords from the name of the instrument.
For recent studies, the names of specific instruments used are usually found in the "Tests and Measures" section of a record. (To search this field, use the "Selection a field (optional) pull-down menu and choose "TM Tests and Measures").

Identifying instruments used in a study:
Records for research studies often include the name of instruments used in the abstract.
Many records (especially for recent studies) list the instrument in the "TM Tests & Measures" field (displayed below the abstract on a detailed record screen).


Full-text of instruments:
A small but increasing number of records in PsycINFO specifically denote articles that include the full-text of a research instrument. Search for appended in "TM Tests & Measures" field.
"TM Tests & Measures" is a choice on the pull-down menu under "Section a Field (optional).