Gifts and Donations

The Library appreciates and encourages donations of appropriate academic books and other library materials, as well as monetary contributions.

Donate A Book! Program

Honor a graduate, a favorite faculty member, or a friend by donating to the University Library's collection fund. Donations of $50 or more are recognized with an acknowledgement to the honoree and a bookplate Library's collection.

Monetary Donations

Gifts of money will be used to supplement library collections, equipment, or services.  Donors of monetary gifts may specify desired purposes for such funds with the approval of the Dean of Library Services.

Donating Books

Gifts and donations often present an effective way for the Library to add to its collections, especially in times of dwindling resources.  However, it should be  noted that gifts of books and library materials are not free, in that they take time to evaluate, process, and integrate into the collection. The Library accepts gift materials only on the condition that it may determine the disposition of the items, whether they are added to the permanent collection or appropriately exchanged, donated, or discarded as necessary.

The Library strongly encourages that donors give advance notification to the Library in terms of the type and number of items considered for donation.  The Collection Development Librarian, with the assistance of the Acquisitions staff, evaluates gift collections.  The same criteria and guidelines applied to purchased acquisitions, in regards to content, format, and presentation, will be applied to gift materials. 

The Library will not make appraisals of gift materials for tax purposes, but upon request will provide a count of items donated, their general subject areas, and an assessment of the condition of the materials.  Gifts and donations will be recognized in writing by the Collection Development Librarian. 

In special cases, upon the donor's request, the Library will place bookplates in gift books and materials in honor of the donor.