Does the Library own this Journal?

If you do not already have a citation to a specific journal article:

Electronic Journals

The Library subscribes to over 40,000 periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) online.  Use the Electronic Journals list to see if the Library provides online access to a specific journal.

Electronic Journals list - provides a link to each individual journal available online via the Library

  1. Search the Electronic Journals list for the name of a journal.
  2. The results screen lists each of the Library's subscriptions that provides access to that journal, indicating the years/volumes of articles available via each service.
  3. Click the link to the service to access the Library's subscription to that journal.

Print Journals

Many older issues of the Library's journals are only available in print or micofilm, shelved in the Library's Periodicals collection.

Library Catalog - lists all of the journal titles held by the library print and microfilm (and lists the specific volumes and years available)

  1. In the Library Catalog, change "Search Entire Library Collection" to "Periodicals and Newspapers".
  2. Search for the name of the journal.
  3. On a results list, click the name of the journal to display the detailed holdings.
    • Holdings:  lists the volumes/years available in print (paper)
    • SUPPLS:   lists the volumes/years available in microfilm