Nielsen Prizm: MyBestSegments

Note:  Due to licensing restrictions, detailed market segmentation data is only accessible via the Reference Librarian.  For assistance with detailed market segment demographics and preferences, please visit the Reference Desk during normal Library Reference Hours


Access: Nielsen Prizm (MyBestSegments)

Brief tutorial: Finding Data on Your Market  (Power Point version)


Database Description

Description: Description of potential markets in neighborhoods using demographics, income, and buying habits and preferences of specific groups.

Subjects Covered: Marketing, Demographics

Type of information provided:  Neighborhood (zip code) overview of demographic information and suitability of potential customer groups (market segments), including:

Demographic profiles: Age and income, size of households, presence of children, race/ethnicity

Market Segments: Neighborhood population/potential customers broken into 66 distinct market segments (based on age, family status, income and location) by Nielsen, including typical location, income, and shopping/media habits

Lifestage Groups: 15 different broad population types based on age and martial status (e.g. "Striving Singles" to "Affluent Empty Nesters")

Social Groups: 14 different broad population types covering urban, suburban, smaller city, and small town/rual areas


Technical Details

Access/Availability: Available only from the CSU Stanislaus Reference Librarian.

Platform: Nielsen Prizm

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