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Description: Basic index to articles published in key journals and other periodicals in music.

What's Covered: Articles and reviews published in key academic journals and popular magazines, as well as selected dissertations, conference proceedings and obituaries

Subjects Covered: Music, musicians, music industry (classical, jazz, opera, performance, popular, sacred, etc.)

Access to the full-text: Articles with full-text on the results page are immediately available. For others, use the Find It! button or the Library Catalog's Journal Lookup to see if the library has the journal.

Dates Covered: 1974 - present

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Journal/Periodical Titles Indexed: 850 periodicals list
Dissertations Indexed: 10,000
Number of Records: 1,000,00
Availability: Available freely on-campus, off-campus restricted to current CSU Stanislaus faculty, students and staff
Platform: EBSCOHost
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