Clearview Reader

Clearview magnifies print documents (books, journals, etc.) and allows you to adjust the size, brightness, and contrast.  To use Clearview, follow these instructions:

  • Turn on the red power switch between the base and the screen.
  • Place pages on the tray face-up.
  • Manipulate the lever under the tray to lock it in place, free it, or lock just front-to-back travel.
  • Use these buttons on the tray to adjust the image
  • Sun/Moon:  adjust the brightness
  • Arrow:  add a red pointer beam to follow when reading
  • Focus:  automatically adjust the focus
  • + and - :  increase or decrease magnification
  • Black/white box:  Change from normal camera to black & white or Reverse contrast.
  • Use the controls on the separate console attached to the right of the reader to further adjust the image. The controls only work when the screen has been switched to black & white mode by using the black/white box described above:
  • Lines:  press once for a set of vertical lines to guide your scanning of the text.  Press twice for a set of horizontal lines.  Use the Position and Width dials to adjust the position and relative separation of the lines.
  • Window:  press once to collapse the viewable screen to a smaller vertical window.  Press twice for a similar horizontal window.  Use the Position and Width dials to adjust the position and size of this window.
  • Color Select:  change to various colors to improve contrast.
  • Camera:  Not installed