Dissertations are usually detailed, book-length studies of 100 pages or more written for a Ph.D. degree. Dissertations classified as "Science and Eningeering" are not includeded in the Library's ProQuest Dissertations online service.   Requesting a Science Dissertation... more
How to Find Theses & Dissertations: - CSU Stanislaus Theses - Written at other universities Resources for Thesis Students: Thesis/Project Resources (Grad School) Graduate Student Research Strategies Library Services for Thesis Writers Library Workshops on Graduate Research and... more
Many discipline-specific research databases provide citations to dissertations originally listed by Dissertation Abstracts. For Dissertations listed in Dissertation Abstracts Part A: Social Sciences & Humanities (1997 - present): Full-text of most recent social science... more
A dissertation is usually a book-length study submitted for a Ph.D. (and a thesis or a Master's degree).1 If Find It! or the database indicates an item is a dissertation or thesis:   Full text of Dissertations may be online via ProQuest Dissertations The University Library provides... more
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