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Dissertations are usually detailed, book-length studies of 100 pages or more written for a Ph.D. degree. Dissertations classified as "Science and Eningeering" are not includeded in the Library's ProQuest Dissertations online service.   Requesting a Science Dissertation... more
  List of Volumes and Issues   Table of Contents   About SHQ   Article Content by Issue   Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 2008) [Hammond General (Army) Hospital] Dr. William Alexander Hammond, 2 Hammond General (Army) Hospital (Modesto), 1, 3-16   Vol. 1, No... more
  List of Volumes and Issues   Table of Contents by Issue   About SHQ   An Independent Publication of Stanislaus County History A quarterly periodical published from 2008 (volume 1) - 2016 (volume 9) List of Volumes and Issues Volume 1 Spring 2008 - Hammond... more
Select publications of Bob Santos, Librarian and University Archivist Emeritus, California State University, Stanislaus, including original works and bibliographies on the history of California and the Central Valley. The Army Needs Men: An Account of the U.S. Army Rehabilitation Center... more
Issue Overviews CREDO Reference Overviews of topics and/or definititions of key terms published in academic encyclopedias and dictionaries in all fields. CQ Researcher Excellent "pro/con" analysis of over 500 key social, economic, and policy issues. Weekly issues compiled by a... more
How to Find Theses & Dissertations: - CSU Stanislaus Theses - Written at other universities Resources for Thesis Students: Thesis/Project Resources (Grad School) Graduate Student Research Strategies Library Services for Thesis Writers Library Workshops on Graduate Research and... more
Literature reference works published by Gale are excellent sources for researching significant authors (from ancient times to the present), providing biographical information as well as criticism, reviews, and commentary on the context, reception, and interpretation of literary works... more
California State University Bakersfield Channel Islands Chico Dominguez Hills East Bay Fresno Fullerton Humboldt Long Beach Los Angeles Maritime Academy Monterey Bay Northridge Pomona... more
Code Lookup United States Code (US House):  Use Title and section boxes. Note: 42 USC § 5101 would be e.g. Title:  42  Section:   5101     California Code  (CA Legislature):  Select name of code from pull-down menu and type section... more
There are many different ways a "law" can be written/created and have legal standing. To search for and access the text of laws, it can be very helpful to have some information about what level (Federal, state) or branch (statutory, administrative/regulatory, case). Each kind of law is... more


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