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How do I use Find It! links? See: Using Find It! (video demonstration)  Find It! links from a citation in a database to the full-text or other library services for that item.   Services may include immediate access to the full-text online, the location of  item in the library... more
The MLA Handbook (8th ed.) and the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (3rd ed.) are the final authority in determining how to cite/format your sources, and are available in the University Library Reference and Reserves collections. Some useful sites with examples and assistance... more
California State University Bakersfield Channel Islands Chico Dominguez Hills East Bay Fresno Fullerton Humboldt Long Beach Los Angeles Maritime Academy Monterey Bay Northridge Pomona... more
Code Lookup United States Code (US House):  Use Title and section boxes. Note: 42 USC § 5101 would be e.g. Title:  42  Section:   5101     California Code  (CA Legislature):  Select name of code from pull-down menu and type section... more
There are many different ways a "law" can be written/created and have legal standing. To search for and access the text of laws, it can be very helpful to have some information about what level (Federal, state) or branch (statutory, administrative/regulatory, case). Each kind of law is... more
Key Resources: Mental Measurements Yearbook Tests in Print APA's guide to finding tests PsycINFO     tips ETS Test Link Types & Availability of Tests ("Published" vs. "Unpublished" Tests) Identifying Tests Test Reviews Sources for... more
Business | California | Education | Environment and Geography | General | Health and Social Services | Law and Legislation | Statistics Business Bureau of Economic Analysis (the nation's economic accountant) Economic Indicators - GPO /Census ... more
List of Government Agency Web Sites This page is compiled based on CSU Stanislaus Library's selections. For a more comprehensive list, consider the Library of Congress's Official US Executive Branch Web Sites, Washburn University's Agency Index, and Louisiana State University's... more
Quick Links: Academic Search Elite Lexis-Nexis: Academic Search Biological Abstracts | Library Catalog CEDEN | MELVYL GPO | | U.S. EPA Identifying Scientific Research Articles Sources of Local Information Government Sources... more
Here are just a few sites and articles. Additional information can be obtained from our newspaper databases and periodical databases. General Sites Highly recommended, especially the American Farmland Trust. American Farmland Trust California Department of Conservation... more


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