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Introduction to this Topic: Primary and Secondary Sources (online video) In this guide: Comparison of Primary and Secondary Sources Finding Primary Sources: In the University Library In other libraries Internet Resources... more
PDF Handout on Scholarly vs. Popular Sources
Research Concepts Primary vs. Secondary
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    // The QuestionPoint Ask a Librarian 24/7 chat service connects you with a professional librarian who can help you with your research. To access online chat: Submit your email, school, & question using the form on the right.... more
  For some older journal articles, the library may only have the desired articles in microform.  For specific journal titles, the Library Catalog lists the years and volumes available in microform on the "SUPPLS" (supplements) line (found just below the title,... more
How to Find Theses & Dissertations: - CSU Stanislaus Theses - Written at other universities Resources for Thesis Students: Thesis/Project Resources (Grad School) Graduate Student Research Strategies Library Services for Thesis Writers Library Workshops on Graduate Research and... more
Literature reference works published by Gale are excellent sources for researching significant authors (from ancient times to the present), providing biographical information as well as criticism, reviews, and commentary on the context, reception, and interpretation of literary works... more
Good Places to Start Searching for Articles Academic Search Premier - searches 8 million+ articles in over 3000 journals & magazines   tutorials | more information Search Library Resources (Combined Search) - Search for articles from academic journals, magazines and... more
Search Library Resources (Combined Search) Search for articles and selected books on all subjects    more information Search by: all fields title author subject       Article... more


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