Practices and Procedures

Posting or distribution of non-library notices (including posters, notes, announcements, flyers, advertisements, signs, etc.) in the public areas of the library is not permitted. Public areas include study rooms, lobbies, seminar rooms, doors, elevators, hallways, windows, restrooms, stairwells,... more
Assistive technology rooms are rooms with assistive technology designed to assist students with disabilities. The rooms are locked and reserved for the exclusive use of students registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Students registered through the DRC will be given a laminated card... more
Group study areas in the CSU Stanislaus Library allow for collaborative study and work on group projects. A group is defined as more than one person.   Group Study Areas The following areas are designated for group work and study. In these areas talking in normal conversational tones is... more
Quiet study is defined as study activities which do not involve prolonged conversations, in person or on personal devices.   Expectations for quiet study areas are: No conversations utilizing cellular or computer devices Audio only at a low volume with headphones No... more
Quiet Study Group Study Assistive Technology Room Distribution of posters or flyers
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