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  more information   Database Description and Information Description: Online access to older issues of hundreds of academic journals. What's Covered: Cover-to-cover reproductions of journals (in addition to artcles, also includes ephemeral/general information like letters,... more
Description and Information What is it? Overview of important figures, schools, and movements in literary theory and criticism. Subjects Covered: English, Litearture, Literary Criticism, Literary Theory Access to the full-text: All entries. Help: User Guide (from Johns Hopkins) Access: Library... more
Access: Library Website --> Articles  -->  Databases by title -->  Google Scholar Description and Information What is it? Search for a huge array of scholarly research (including a range of journal articles, books, and web-based research reports).... more
Database Description and Information Description: Profiles of countries including business and cultural customs, demographics, travel information, the economy, etc. What's Covered: Over 170 countires. Subjects Covered: Anthropology, International/Foreign Affairs, Politics, Sociology Access... more
What do I need to Sign in? First Time Users: Register for SciFinder Currently enrolled CSU Stanislaus students, faculty and staff need to register for a personal SciFinder account using their "" email address. (There is no charge to individuals as these accounts are... more
Description: Free online version includes basic introduction to over 75,000 different topics. What's Covered: Encyclopedia articles. Subjects Covered: Basic information from all disciplines. Access to the full-text: A preview of the full encyclopedia entries are available freely online.... more
Access the University Library's subscription to ARTSEARCH: A) Create an account and "Purchase" a subscription to ARTSEARCH  (free for Stan State faculty/students/staff) To register for free access using Stan State's subscription code, follow the directions for creating... more
Description & Help Description: Access to full-text of selected physics journals published by the American Institute of Physics and allied societies AIP & APS Journals - library subscriptions to full-text online of 40 American Institute of Physics  journals Scitation + SPIN - search... more
Description and Information Description: Most comprehensive single resource for researching art history. What's Covered: Articles and reviews published in academic journals, selected books, conference proceedings, exhibition/dealer catalogs. Subjects Covered: Visual Art, Art History... more
Database Description and Information Link: Anthropology Plus via EBSCOHost Description: The leading index to research in anthropology, combining Harvard's Anthropological Literature and the Royal Anthropological Society's Anthropological Index. What's Covered:... more


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