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Library subscriptions to EBSCOHost databases provide access to a wide range of articles, including a selection of scholarly, peer-reviewed journals in all disciplines.  Individual EBSCO databases also provide in-depth coverage of research studies in several disciplines (including... more
DOI to Full-Text: Access an article via the CSU Stanislaus Library Enter a DOI:           (Example DOI: 10.1037/0003-066X.59.1.29 ) Enter a DOI to access the appropriate library service for the article, including full-text online (if available),  library... more
Search Library Resources (Combined Search) Search for articles and selected books on all subjects    more information Search by: all fields title author subject       Article... more
Database Description and Information What is it? Authoritative introductions to topics compiled by scholars and published in Oxford University Press companions, dictionaries, and guides. Subjects Covered: Arts, Biology and Health Sciences, History, Language and Literature, Philosophy and Religion... more
Access Now -->  Wiley Online   Database Description and Information Description: Online collections from Wiley - Blackwell, a leading academic publisher. CSU Stanislaus provides online access to almost all (over 1400) of the journals listed on the site. What's Covered:... more
Database Description and Information What is it?  Analyses of companies, industries, stocks, mutual funds and bonds Subjects Covered: Business, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Operations Management Types of Records: Reports, statistical data, charts & more Dates Covered: Most... more
Database Description and Information What is it? Index to research publications in physics. What's Covered: Citations to articles from 450+ physics journals and selected books, conferences, and patents. (Also includes full-text of articles from 40 journals via American Institute of Physics... more
Note: Data sets available through the following sites generally include individual responses to surveys, and need to be analyzed using a statistics software program like SPSS. ICPSR (Inter-univeristy Consortium for Political and Social Research) Research data sets gathered by governments... more
Database Description and Information What is it? Search for articles published in medical journals (and other selected bio-medical literature). Subjects Covered: Nursing & Medicine Access to the full-text: Use the Find It! via CSU Stanislaus button or the Electronic Journals List to see if... more
Library subscriptions to ProQuest databases provide access to a wide range of articles, including academic and industry business journals, several hundred newspapers, and research studies in various selected disciplines (business, criminal justice, education, philosophy, and social work... more


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