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Database Description and Information What is it? Reviews of selected psychological tests (scores, comments, summary) and a current index to commercially published tests.  Subjects Covered: Psychology, Child Development, Education, Tests Access to the full-text: Includes brief reviews for... more
Database Description and Information What is it?  Brief statistics on market share within a specific industry (grouped by 4-digit SIC Code)  e.g. - percentage of sales for each major company offering a type of product or service Subjects Covered: Business, Marketing, Operations... more
Database Description and Information What is it? Overviews of important authors (from ancient times to the present) and scholarly critiques of their writings, including selected criticism and book reviews published in academic and literary journals.  Subjects Covered: Litearture, Literary... more
As of July 1, 2016 - LexisNexis has been replaced by Westlaw for CSU Stanislaus users Database Description and Information   Description: A premier resource for legal research that provides access to the full-text of laws, court opinions and law journal articles, it also includes a vast... more
  more information   Database Description and Information Description: Online access to older issues of hundreds of academic journals. What's Covered: Cover-to-cover reproductions of journals (in addition to artcles, also includes ephemeral/general information like letters,... more
Description and Information What is it? Overview of important figures, schools, and movements in literary theory and criticism. Subjects Covered: English, Litearture, Literary Criticism, Literary Theory Access to the full-text: All entries. Help: User Guide (from Johns Hopkins) Access: Library... more
Access: Library Website --> Articles  -->  Databases by title -->  Google Scholar Description and Information What is it? Search for a huge array of scholarly research (including a range of journal articles, books, and web-based research reports).... more
Database Description and Information Description: Profiles of countries including business and cultural customs, demographics, travel information, the economy, etc. What's Covered: Over 170 countires. Subjects Covered: Anthropology, International/Foreign Affairs, Politics, Sociology Access... more
What do I need to Sign in? First Time Users: Register for SciFinder Currently enrolled CSU Stanislaus students, faculty and staff need to register for a personal SciFinder account using their "" email address. (There is no charge to individuals as these accounts are... more
Description: Free online version includes basic introduction to over 75,000 different topics. What's Covered: Encyclopedia articles. Subjects Covered: Basic information from all disciplines. Access to the full-text: A preview of the full encyclopedia entries are available freely online.... more


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