Basic Format    |    Journal Articles    |    Why use special links?    |    Help Use the following instructions to link to University Library online resources to provide access to Library online subscriptions (without the... more
Funds can be transferred online to OIT Print Accounts from a Warrior Cash account, via the following online directions: Adding money to your OIT print account ( OIT Print Accounts are used to pay for any printing at any OIT Computer... more
Try Link+: If a CSU Stanislaus Library book is already checked out, it may be available for request via the Link+ system.        more information on Link+   If not available via Link+: If the book or periodical you are looking for is already checked out and... more
You will need to present a current Warrior Card or your CSU Stanislaus Library Card each time you want to check out materials. For those associated with the University (currently registered students, faculty and staff), your Warrior Card serves as your library card. All others who wish to borrow... more
Library fines occur when: Books, reserve items, videos or other library materials are returned or renewed after the due date. Items overdue for 50 days or more are assumed to be lost and your account will be billed for the replacement cost plus a service charge.  At this time a... more
CSU Stanislaus: Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty & Staff Alumni Visitors from the Community: High School Students HECCC Students (Local Community Colleges) Current CSU and UC Students... more
When materials are not returned on time, they become overdue.  You will be sent a notice two days after the due date.   If the material is still not returned, a second notice is sent two weeks after the due date, and a bill is generated forty-five days after the due date.  After... more
The Library's Circulation Department is the place to go for help with borrowing materials, including course reserves; student ID/library cards; microform copy service; library photocopiers; and recalls.  To contact us, call (209) 667-3234 during regular library hours. ... more
Materials from the CSU Stanislaus Library and Link+ Most books, compact discs, journals, theses and videos borrowed from the University Library collection can be renewed online your personal Library Catalog account. (To renew Interlibrary Loan materials, see below.) To renew University... more
Circulation periods for Reserve materials are determined by the instructors and range from two hours to one week.  These "check-out" periods for most Reserve materials are usually listed under the "Course Note" section Library Catalog entry for that course. Materials... more


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