California & the Central Valley

  List of Volumes and Issues   Table of Contents   About SHQ   Article Content by Issue   Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 2008) [Hammond General (Army) Hospital] Dr. William Alexander Hammond, 2 Hammond General (Army) Hospital (Modesto), 1, 3-16   Vol. 1, No... more
  List of Volumes and Issues   Table of Contents by Issue   About SHQ   An Independent Publication of Stanislaus County History A quarterly periodical published from 2008 (volume 1) - 2016 (volume 9) List of Volumes and Issues Volume 1 Spring 2008 - Hammond... more
Select publications of Bob Santos, Librarian and University Archivist Emeritus, California State University, Stanislaus, including original works and bibliographies on the history of California and the Central Valley. The Army Needs Men: An Account of the U.S. Army Rehabilitation Center... more
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Here are just a few sites and articles. Additional information can be obtained from our newspaper databases and periodical databases. General Sites Highly recommended, especially the American Farmland Trust. American Farmland Trust California Department of Conservation... more
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