Requesting a Book Found on WorldCat

Items listed in the interface can be requested via the following methods:


  1. Use the CSU Stanislaus version of (, view a specific title and then click  Find It! via the CSU Stanislaus Library.  (This works for CSU Stanislaus users either on-campus or off-campus).
  2. For the "plain" version of (pages listed as, not
    1. On-campus computers viewing the "plain" ( version, go to the full record of a specific title and use the Find the text via the Library link.  more info
    2. Off-campus computers viewing the "plain" ( version, either go to the CSU Stanislaus version or note the desired information (author, title, publication information), and search the University Library.  more info


Request an item while viewing the CSU Stanislaus version of


  1.  Access the CSU Stanislaus version of  (on campus or off-campus)
  2.  Search for desired topics or terms, and then view the full record of a desired title (click on the title of a book)
  3.  Within the full record of an item (e.g.. only that item information is displayed, not a list of results), click on the Find It! button (placed under either "Find a copy in the Library" or "Find a copy online.")

  Find It! via the CSU Stanislaus Library


This "Find It!" link should lead to a menu indicating whether the book is available in the University Library, a link to request it via our quick Link+ service, or a link to request it via Interlibrary Loan.  For items not owned by CSU Stanislaus, users will need to login with appropriate campus credentials (Warrior Card # for Link+, campus username for ILL) to submit a request for the item.



To Access CSU Stanislaus version of WorldCat

Go straight to

 -OR-   Use a link from the Library’s website ( under Books or Databases A-Z

 -OR-   If coming from on-campus and you visit a address, you should be prompted to choose the CSU Stan version or the “plain version” :   


Choose a version of (Stanislaus or plain version)


Viewing the "plain" version of WorldCat  ( while using an on-campus computer or network:  

While viewing a  plain "” screen using an on-campus computer, the full record for an item should display the choices displayed below. (The Find the text via the Library text should link to a request form for items not owned by the University Library).

Find the text via the Library choice for connections to WorldCat from campus IPs



Plain version of  ( from an off-campus computer:

Currently, there is no easy way request a book via CSU Stanislaus from a “plain” record.  (The recommended, best way is to use the  CSU Stanislaus version of version instead).

  • To see if the University Library owns a book:

Under Find a copy in the librarylook for CSU Stanislaus.  (You may need to change the location to zip code 95382).

  • To link to CSU Stanislaus services:

Under Nearby Libraries, look for CSU Stanislaus.  (If not listed, scroll to the bottom, select Find More Libraries, and enter 95382 for the zip code.)

  • To automatically link to CSU Stanislaus Library web pages:

Create a personal account for, and list CSU Stanislaus as one of your favorite libraries.

This "favorites" option will link to general CSU Stanislaus Library pages, but not a specific request form.