Find APA Citations from "Search Library Resources" Results

Library tools that provide APA Formatted References List entries for individual journal articles:


1) Citation available in the initial search service ("Search Library Resources.")


    If you use the main library search box ("Search Library Resources") on the library's main page, each result attempts to list the citation in APA style by using the following steps.


A) Go to the library's homepage ( )


B) Search for your article (for example, this search result - )


C) Click on the title of the desired article (for example, this record for Song’s article - )


D) At the full record for that specific article, look on the right side of the screen to see the article listed in various citation formats (including APA).


Note: these citations aren’t always 100% accurate, so you may need to update them to be 100% correct.  For example, these entries do not include the correct “hanging indent” (first line flush left, subsequent lines indented 0.5%) or the correct spacing (double-space the entries in APA style. Also, the word “China” is a proper noun and should be capitalized.


Song, Y. (2014). Losing an only child: The one-child policy and elderly care in China. Reproductive Health Matters, 22(43), 113-124.