Anthropology Plus

Database Description and Information

Link: Anthropology Plus via EBSCOHost
Description: The leading index to research in anthropology, combining Harvard's Anthropological Literature and the Royal Anthropological Society's Anthropological Index.
What's Covered: Articles in journals, monographic series, and edited books (e.g. compilations of articles from multiple authors).
Subjects Covered: Anthropology, Archaeology, Ethnology, Folklore, Museum Studies, Sociology
Access to the full-text: Articles with full-text on the results page are immediately available. For others, use the Find It! button or the Electronic Journals list to see if the library has the journal.
Dates Covered: Varies (most article sources from the late 1950's - present, some as early as the 19th century)

More Details

Journal/Periodical Titles Covered: 3000+ (1600+ from Anthropological Index and 700+ current titles from Anthropological Literature )
Number of Records: 850,000
Availability: Available freely on-campus, off-campus restricted to current CSU Stanislaus faculty, students and staff
Platform:  EBSCOHost
Publisher: OCLC RLG (Compiled from: Anthropological Index [Royal Anthropological Institute] and Anthropological Literature [Harvard] )

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