Elsevier Articles

Some Library links to to journal articles from Elsevier Science Direct are currently not accessing the full article.

For off-campus users, links from the following Library services currently do not provide access to the full-text:


  •  the Find It! button  links to articles in Science Direct (Elsevier) journals
  • EJournals A-Z links to journals available via Science Direct (Elsevier)


Temporary Access  is available via this link:  Elsevier Science Direct

Off-campus users can currently access the full-text of articles in these journals  by going to the Databases A-Z page and choosing Science Direct (Elsevier)

Using this access to the Elseiver, at the Science Direct site find the desired article (e.g. by searching for the title, author, etc.).  The PDF full-text of CSU Stanislaus subscriptions should be available.


This problem has been reported and we are working to address this issue.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.  Please contact the Library if you encounter further issues.