Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Program

Dragon Naturally Speaking lets you talk into your computer instead of typing.  As you talk, your words are transcribed into your documents or become commands for your computer.  Use Dragon to:

  • Start programs
  • Compose
  • Revise
  • Format text
  • Enter data into forms or spread sheets
  • Navigate the Web

Click on the icon to launch the Dragon Bar toolbar automatically when you log onto the computer.  Click on New Users under the NaturallySpeaking menu to initialize your voice account and take the tutorial.  To learn more, you can see the Tip of the Day under the Help menu.

You must manually turn on the microphone by clicking on it in the Dragon Bar or by the + key on the numberpad.  You may turn off the microphone by saying "microphone off."

Naturally Speaking has a wordpad under the tools menu, or you can simply say "start menu" and say a program to launch it.  Dragon should be able to recognize commands from the Windows menus or simply start dictating.

If Dragon makes a mistake in transcribing a word you dictate:

  • select the word by saying "select [the word]."
  • from the list of possible words, say "choose [correct word]."
  • or, if it does not appear on in the list, say "spell that" and spell the correct spelling, OK, for the word to be added.


Here is a short list of common voice commands.

open a program from Windows desktop

"start menu  [name a program]"

undo the last command

"undo that"

highlight a word/ unhighlight it

"select [the word]" / "unselect that"

change a word

"select [the word]"; say a different word to replace it

add a word or phrase

"insert before(after) [a word]"; say the additional text

erase last phrase

"scratch that"



go to end of text

"go to bottom"

start a new line

"new line"

start a new paragraph

"new paragraph"

period, comma

"period", "comma"