Group Study

Group study areas in the CSU Stanislaus Library allow for collaborative study and work on group projects. A group is defined as more than one person.


Group Study Areas

The following areas are designated for group work and study. In these areas talking in normal conversational tones is permitted as appropriate for collaboration and group discussion. Please keep conversation at a modest level.

  • Galloway Group Study Room (opposite the circulation desk)
  • South Circulation Hall
  • East Reading Room
  • Computer Collaboratory
  • Areas along perimeter of 2nd floor journal shelving


Group Study Rooms

All group study rooms are located in quiet study areas of the library. Groups study rooms are not sound proofed. Occupants of the rooms are expected to respect the quiet designation by engaging in quiet group study. Quiet group study is defined as talking at a low level while working together.


The following rooms are designated for quiet group study. Groups (more than one person) have priority for occupancy. Students must adhere to maximum occupancy limits.

  • L262 and L263. Maximum occupancy: 16 persons.
  • L264, L265, L266 and L267. Maximum occupancy: 10 persons
  • L210H and L210J: Maximum occupancy: 4 persons


Individuals may utilize these rooms but may be asked to vacate or share the room by a group. Study rooms are reserved online at and may be booked up to 2 days in advance.

The library is not responsible for security of personal items. Any items left unattended in a study room may be removed by library or university staff and placed in the library lost and found.

Occupants of study rooms are asked to dispose of food items and packaging, bottles, cans and other trash by placing those items in designated trash containers.

Study room windows may not be covered at any time.

All persons in the library are expected to abide by library policies and by the CSU Stanislaus Student Code of Conduct. Persons in violation of library policy or the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the library.


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Approved 12/2015