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University Library Support Unit Review

Executive Summary, September 2008

Self-Study Report, April 2008

Final Report of the External Review Team,
July, 2008

University Library Strategic Plan, 2007

Library Strategic Plan, 1999-2004

Tables and Charts

Classified Collection Analysis

Classified Collection Circulation by Subject

Total Circulation by Major

Annual Action Plans

2002/03    2003/04    2004/05

2005/06    2006/07

2008/09 (Draft)

Graduating Senior Surveys

2006/07 Executive Summary

2003/04 Executive Summary

2002/03 Executive Summary


LibQUAL+ Library Service Quality Survey

2007:     Executive Summary     Results

2005:     Executive Summary     Results


Graduate School Exit Survey, 2005/06 and 2006/2007, Executive Summary

Support Unit Review Policies and Procedures

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